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We have now moved this blog over to our dedicated server at:


At the moment the main page defaults to the blog too but that will be changing soon. Make sure you set your bookmarks for the /blog extension.

We are just finishing off our big Free Report and Video which we are launching at the end of this week.  This is the first of a variety of reports on the industry that we will be putting out at a rate of about three per year.  We will be dealing with a number of key issues that affect operators and all these reports will be free.

To get the free report you need to go to:


The report highlights the 10 key factors we feel that you need to be concentrating on to survive the recession/credit crunch and we have a sequence of ten videos with myself and Hugh describing the main issues within each section.

Additionally within the report we have managed to nail some of the biggest names in the coffee business world for their “one key piece of advice” that they would offer operators in the current economic climate.  This advice is priceless and fascinating since it comes from many seasoned industry professionals who, like myself and Hugh, have been through at least one recession before.

Please read and let us know your feedback on the new blog.

Many thanks for all your support and we wish you a very profitable and prospersous 2009.

Johnnie Richardson


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